The Third Deadly Horseman

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Peter fell off the bed in exasperation, covering his face with his arms before he rolled over in an attempt to hide in the carpet. “I forgot how argumentative you can be at times. I mean really the day I hear the words ‘Thanks Peter thats so nice’ come from your mouth is the day the world ends.” He paused raising a hand up in the air to make a point. “That might be the wrong turn of phrase.”

Tommy stayed on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as he yawned. Man he was still tired. He rolled his eyes as he listened to Peter go through a semi-rant. He then put on a blank face and then deadpanned in a super sarcastic tone. “Thanks Peter that’s so nice.” He repeated. “Looks like you’re wrong. No end of the world. Damn.”


Peter held up his hands defensively. “Okay, okay, no need to get snappy about it.” He pulled Tommy closer and into a hug. “Don’t say that, just because it’s different doesnt mean it makes you weird.”

"Well you know, if you like someone then you go on a date, like I’ve been on a date with—” He held out a hand, counting the people off on his fingers. “Lets see, MJ, Gwen, oh, Timmy, Waddeee and Dick ..I think thats everyone.”

"I don’t really care about my hair color. That’s not the weirdest thing about me and you know it." Tommy really didn’t care what people thought about his hair. Though if they managed to piss him off, they’ll most likely wind up dead.

"I don’t like people. I tolerate them." He gave Peter an odd look as he started listing off people. "Good for you? Dating seems like more of your thing than mine anyways." Hm.. did that one day with Thad count as a date? They just ended up killing people and then having sex in the bath. Eh whatever.


Magneto?” Peters mouth fell slightly open in shock having never chosen to find out more about Tommys family he obviously didn’t know the people he was related to. “Wait, slow down, so you’re related to Mr-Evil-face-Magneto andThe Scarlet witch? Remind me to never piss you off.” He ran his hand through Tommy’s hair while he contemplated the colour off it. “Still, its nicer then boring old brown, everyonehas brown hair nowadays.”

"You must be hell when you’re on a date."

Tommy shrugged. “It’s just a theory that fucking Kaplan made up. One that makes no sense, so don’t go around believing it.” Of course there was those undeniable signs, but he was going to ignore them. “Well brown is a natural hair color. Kids aren’t born with white hair unless they’re freaks.”

"Why the hell would I want to go on a date?"

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"I dunno, you’ve never really talked about your family before and it’s not like a knew you before all this." He shrugged helplessly, bringing a hand forwards to gently play with a lock of Tommys hair. "I like your hair, its cool."

"You have zero interest in anything that takes too long, Im amazed you’re willing to even hold a conversation at times."

"Because they’re not worth mentioning. I don’t consider the Scarlet Witch, Vision, Kaplan, and whoever else family. They’re all part of this bogus idea that Kaplan and I are reincarnated souls. That’s bullshit. If anything, the only person I would approve of being related to out of those people would be Magneto." And that was because he was fucking badass. "It’s white… ish. It used to be brighter, but the whole Famine thing made it slightly darker."

"If someone is boring me, I’ll just walk away. I don’t care for keeping up a conversation that is boring or pisses me off."


"Its not a very good insult." Peter moved slightly when Tommy looked away, mildly confused by the gesture. "Huh.. That doesn’t sound like something so fun, didn’t anyone tell you that you were going to have super awesome powers?"

"If I could Id let you play and then you’d understand what I meant." He narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "I have a feeling that you’re up to something."

"Who would tell me that? It’s not like anyone knew I was gonna be a mutant. Parents hated me. And I’m talking ‘bout the parents i grew up with. Not the stupid soul-reincarnation parents shit. For all I knew, I was just a kid with weird hair."

"I have zero interest in video games. They take too long to play." He decided not to comment on the last thing.


"You make it sound like its an insult. So, how’d you blow it up by accident? Was it something to do with your speed thing? How’d they even catch you to throw you in juvie?”

"I lost track of time! Its really addictive okay, dont judge me." He crossed his arms and shook his head. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

"It is an insult. At least to me it is." He paused and turned away. He didn’t like talking about his past. To him it was a separate life. One when he was naive and stupid. "I didn’t realize I had powers. They manifested, like most mutants, when I hit my early teens… and I lost control. Well I had no control is more like it. One moment I’m normal and the next everything slows down and boom. Explosion. Hm… pretty fucking awesome now that I think about it."

"Sure it is." He snorted. "Mhm. Right. Nothing. You think that."


"Ummmm.. I almost set fire to the lab during science, but that was by accident." He shrugged. "Guess Im just not a trouble maker like you. But I cant believe you blew up your school, I mean I dont doubt it but its pretty extreme.” He stuck his tongue out. “Doesn’t mean you shouldnt.”

"I’ll check it out later when i manage to actually find my suit in my explosion of a room." Peter frowned slightly at that. "No it wouldnt, and you better not be thinking about doing it."

"Like I said, you’re a goody-goody. To think I blew it up without meaning to also. The whole reason why I got thrown into Juvie and shit." It was the beginning of what made him who he was today. No. Scratch that. Being born a mutant sealed his fate.

"Were you seriously just playing your video game the whole time?" He smirked. "Thinking about doing what?"


"You wanted me to come home~"

"I did not. When did I ever say that?"

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